About the Zodiac

Kevin L Robertson’s sign is Taurus (a.k.a. “The Bull”). The Taurus is born between the dates of April 20 and May 20. My birthday is May 6. Taurus has been seasonally associated with the flourish or settling of Spring and therefore called the fixed sign. With that, The Male or Female Taurus has been associated with stability (“down to earth”), stubbornness, kindliness, loyalty, creativity, and enduringness. According to astrologers, the Taurus Man has the following “connections” with other signs of the zodiac:

Pisces Woman: This relationship can be a very prosperous, and a healthy one marital-wise. These two can share mutual interests in beauty, art, and sensuality. A Pisces’ emotional nature is balanced by a Taurean’s stability.

Capricorn Woman: Can turn out to be very compatible in marriage, since both are sensual and have a mutual understanding of each other’s personalities.

Gemini Woman: Unpromising match, since the Gemini is too fleeting and double-natured in personality. Gemini’s mood swings will potentially make this marriage unsuccessful.

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