A woman's perspective

By M’aat Lovenoise

The deprived neosoul that I am I had never been to Lovenoise until Sunday night. My how I did love the noise that was made…. well for the most part. Some of the open mic acts were a mess to say the least, but the real entertainment for the night was definitely worth the price of admission. The brave souls that surrendered to the call of an open mic were amazing and not all of them in a good way. This one brother who has the audacity to call himself Masterplan (more like half-baked plan at best) got up there and proceeded to quiet the entire audience leading us to question if he was the comedy portion of the show. His imitation of Chris Brown and his painfully wack lyrics nearly drove a sister to tears. The main act more than made up for the lame antics of “Mastermind”.


K-Rob and his band took the stage and proceeded to move the house. Not one to be easily won over by artists who do covers of songs that I love, I have to say that I was feeling his version of Maxwell’s “Get to Know You”. I must say that this brother is talented, and I can understand why he has found success in other parts of the world. Not many men still have the ability to make a sister want to throw her Vickie’s at them on stage.

Now, I did get a lil’ sick of his covering other songs, so delight was my only emotion when he sang a few of his own tracks. This was K-Rob’s moment of truth with me. After hearing his catchy yet soul infused tune “2night” ( it kind of reminded me of some of Luther’s newer stuff) I passed judgement. I’m feeling K-Rob and his sound; his voice is just the sort of thing to mellow out to after a long hard day (he’s what I like to call bathtub music), but some of his lyrics don’t seem to be as mature as the artists himself.


I don’t know if he’s the Isley Brothers 2.0 as his promotion frequently claims, but I do see myself purchasing his album, putting it on my Ipod, possibly mixing in some of his tracks into my late night playlist.


Personally, I hope that he achieves American success and grows lyrically into what an artist of his caliber should be.