K-Rob's self-entitled debut


After to have literally make go crazy the radio stations Englishes, Frenchmen and Japanese with its individual of debut “2nite” where its vocal style remembered by Italian press but also Joe, Donell Jones and Usher, Kevin “K- Rob” Robertson returns with an energetic album, a mix of r’ n’ b and soul. “Life of the party” is a midtempo nouveau riche dance from the rap of Big Boss, “again (like the first thyme)” a ballad in style Joe while “lovers” is a fine piece r’ n’ b with an up-winning beat on a resonant carpet with of the Keyboards stilosissime. Refined the cover in version smooth of “golden lady” of Stevie Wonder, the hit to arrive “2nite” surely a span above the other, a piece with a sung and an immediate melody, ideal for the dancefloor how much for a private listening. They close this work the Latin one/rnb “the velvet room” and the remix of “2nite” produced for the English market from Josef and Madhatter that give back the piece an attractive stepper.! K-Rob has the cards in rule to become an artist mainstream, is provided of a fine one I stamp vocal and seems to have clear in head the type and the via to follow!